Sophomore Review Information

Per the requirements outlined in the SNC Catalog, all sophomores must participate in Sophomore Review. If you have recently become an art major and have junior standing, you should complete the Sophomore Review as well. Sophomore Review takes place during the Spring semester.

The Sophomore Review is an opportunity for you to affirm your status as an Art Major and to present evidence to the Art Faculty of your progress and development as an Art student at SNC. The Art Faculty will use the review as a basis for better addressing the needs of the program and assessing your progress in fulfilling the requirements of the major.

What you need to present:

  1.  Basic Information – name, major/minor, date of graduation, advisor, current photo of you.  This could be presented on an About page on your website. 
  2.  Six Declarations  – six statements that clearly let the Art faculty know who you are as an artist-student.  These could be presented on a Declarations page of your site.  See examples below. 
  3.  Inventory of Art classes – one column lists the Art classes you’re taking and have already taken…the other is of all the classes you still need to take. Refer to DegreeWorks if you’re not sure of these.  This could also be presented on your About page. 
  4.  Art Vita – compose a list of “art related activities” that you’ve been part of so far at SNC. These could include artist lectures and exhibitions you’ve attended, art-related volunteer work, independent art and design work on campus, as we as others. This, too, might be shared on your About page. 
  5.  10 works of art – Photograph 10 works of art you’ve created while here at SNC. Please list media and dimensions.

Examples of Declarative Statements

Use these as guides only.  Your statements should be unique to you.

1. I am a “visual thinker” and enjoy the process of communicating ideas and opinions as an artist.

2. I am committed to learning the vocabulary of the visual arts and look forward to expanding my awareness of the elements and principles of art and design.

3. I am interested in developing a portfolio of 20 original graphic design-related images

4. I find inspiration in the work of Hannah Hoch, Shepard Fairey, and French artist, JR.

5. My strengths are in dove-tailing my interest in science and art, Photoshop techniques and processes, and maintaining my own website.

6. My weaknesses are in printmaking and speaking in class presentations.

Where to post your sophomore review packet:

These items will be shared through your domain.  They can be shared on your primary domain or on a subdomain you create for the sole purpose of Sophomore Review.  

The Art faculty will review your information soon after the deadline. We will share our assessment with you via your Art Faculty Academic Advisor. (If you are an Art major without an Art faculty advisor, this is a good reminder to find one soon.)

Important Notes:  Wordpress provides the opportunity to password protect pages and posts you do not want to share with the public.  See Shan Bryan-Hanson or visit the Tech Bar if you need assistance. If you do password protect pages, you will need to share the password with art faculty when submitting your domain url for Sophomore Review.

If, for any reason, you are uncomfortable sharing your work publicly on the internet, you may create a password protected page. an alternative option for presentation is available.  See any member of the art faculty for more information.


Fall semester, sophomore year- Schedule and attend a meeting with the Tech Bar ( to claim your domain.

By January, sophomore year – Photograph or scan quality images of some of the art work you’ve made at SNC. You’ll need 10 pieces for the portfolio.

Visit the Lighting Lab for help if you’re not sure about how to do this. Read the information on this post about shooting art work:

By February 1st – Upload images and add any necessary information to the Sophomore Portfolio page of your domain. Schedule a follow up meeting with the Tech Bar if you need help with your domain.

March 1, 5  p.m. – Finalize Sophomore Portfolio page and send a link to