Junior Proposal for the Senior Art Exhibition

Junior Proposal for the Senior Art Exhibition

Per the requirements outlined in the SNC Catalog, all majors must participate in the Senior Art Exhibition Spring Semester of senior year. Prior to enrolling in Art 499, Senior Art Exhibition, majors with Junior standing must submit a Senior Art Exhibition Proposal to the Art Faculty spring semester in their junior year. The proposed project will be developed in the ART 480 Advanced Studio course.


By Friday, October 26th – Schedule and attend a meeting with the Tech Bar (https://www.snc.edu/its/services/techbar.html) to claim your domain.

By February 1st – Upload proposal content to your domain. Schedule a follow-up meeting with the Tech Bar if you need help with your domain.

March 1st, 5 pm, Proposals due– Send a link to your proposal to Shan.Bryan-Hanson@snc.edu.


Art Faculty will review the proposal and determine if it is Pass or No Pass. A Pass acknowledges that the proposal has conceptual and artistic depth and that the student is approved to move forward with the development of the proposed project in the ART 480 Advanced Studio course. A No Pass means that the student is NOT approved to register for Art 480 or 499 until their proposal is approved. The student will need to revise and resubmit the proposal to the Art Faculty based upon feedback from the Art Faculty. There is no limit to resubmissions.  The student simply resubmits proposals until receiving a Pass.

The proposal will be presented on your domain and should include the following:

  1. Five images of recent artwork (does not need to be the exact work you propose, but should be related or demonstrate the capacity to make large, more complex works)
  2. Sketches, images, 3D models, or digital renderings of the work you intend to create for the Senior Art Exhibition
  3. A two-page description of the work of your proposed project.  This should include a description of the conceptual content presented in the work as well as a formal description of the work to be created.  What media will you work in? At what scale will you create the work? It should also include a description of resource material (artists who inspire the work, reference sources, etc.
  4. A timeline for completion of the work

The proposal can be created on your primary domain or a subdomain.  It is highly recommended that you consult with a member of the Art Faculty while preparing your proposal. Proposals that do not pass should be edited according to faculty feedback and resubmitted.