Art, Technology, & Society Lecture Series (SP2021)

As a part of the ART 205: Art, Technology, & Society course at St. Norbert College, Associate Professor Brandon Bauer is hosting a lecture series that was supported by the Faculty Mini-Grant Program through the Norman Miller Center for Peace, Justice, and Public Understanding.

The schedule is as follows:

Thursday, February 18th @ Noon – Mark Tribe 

Mark Tribe is a New York-based artist and Graduate Programs Chair at the School of the Visual Arts in New York. His drawings, performances, installations, and photographs often deal with social and political issues. His recent work explores the relationship between landscape and technology. He is the author of two books, The Port Huron Project: Reenactments of New Left Protest Speeches (Charta, 2010) and New Media Art (Taschen, 2006).

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Thursday, March 11th @ Noon – Constance Hockaday

Constance Hockaday is a Chilean American artist whose work explores issues of public space, political voice, and belonging. Hockaday holds both an MFA in Socially Engaged Art and a Masters in Conflict Resolution. She is a TED Fellow and an artist in residence at UCLA. She has received support from the Rauschenberg Foundation, Map Fund, SF MOMA, Rainin Foundation, and Headland’s Center for the Arts.

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Thursday, March 25th @ Noon – jackie sumell

Jackie Sumell is a multidisciplinary artist and activist whose work interrogates the abuses of the American criminal justice system. She is best known for her collaborative project with the late Herman Wallace, one of the former Angola 3 prisoners, entitled The House That Herman Built. This project is the subject of the critically acclaimed documentary film Herman’s House. Sumell is a 2013 Open Society Soros Justice Fellow, a 2015 Nathan Cummings Foundation Recipient, a 2015 Eyebeam Project Fellow, and a 2016 Robert Rauchenberg Artist as Activist Fellow.

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Tuesday, April 6th @ Noon – Jonas Lund

Jonas Lund is a Swedish conceptual artist whose work critically reflects on contemporary networked systems and power structures. Lund’s artistic practice involves creating systems and setting up parameters that oftentimes require engagement from the viewer. This results in game-like artworks where tasks are executed according to algorithms or a set of rules. Through his works, Lund investigates the issues generated by the increasing digitalization of contemporary society like authorship, participation, and authority.

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Thursday, April 22 @ Noon – Claudia X. Valdes

Claudia X. Valdes a conceptual visual artist and educator who explores the themes of trauma, memory, perception, and embodiment in her work. Major subjects within her works have been the history of U.S. nuclear arms, physical trauma, violent conflict, and positing art as a means to both catalyze and frame social spaces for meaningful discourse and to evoke reflection upon the ethics of human decision-making and actions and their impact on individual and collective life.

This lecture was not recorded.

Thank you to Neale Tracy for the poster!